MotorolaSolutions-PartnerCenter-v13 (1).jpg

Role: UX Strategist


Motorola Solutions Partner Finder is a tool that allows customers to find a Channel Partner based on their location and the products/solutions they are interested in.

The original tool had been in existence for many years, was displaying inaccurate data, was difficult to navigate, and was not being tracked for engagement.


The objective for the Partner Finder refresh was to create an easy-to-use tool for end-customers that displayed accurate information and was also being tracked by Google Analytics and for new leads.


In the absence of analytics and user research, we spoke with subject matter experts and partners to understand our end-customers needs.

We also conducted a competitive analysis on Partner Finder tools to inform us about trends:



Based off our internal research and the competitive analysis, we created a series of wireframes. Our wireframes included searching by location and searching by name since these were deemed the most common use cases. We also provide a map view for those most interested in distance, but also a list view that highlights the partners performance level in a specific product line. These wireframes were then translated into hi-fi mocks:

MotorolaSolutions-PartnerCenter-v13 (2).jpg

MotorolaSolutions-PartnerCenter-v13 (2).jpg

MotorolaSolutions-PartnerCenter-v13 (1).jpg

MotorolaSolutions-PartnerCenter-v13 (1).jpg