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Role: UX Lead & Project Manager


Motorola Solutions Partner Finder is a tool that allows customers to find a Channel Partner based on their location and the products/solutions they are interested in.

The original tool had been in existence for many years, was displaying inaccurate data, was difficult to navigate, and was not being tracked for engagement.


The objective for the Partner Finder refresh was to create an easy-to-use tool for end-customers that displayed accurate information and was also being tracked by Google Analytics and for new leads.


Prior to designing a new wireframe, I used a few research methods to further understand the problem space.

First I conducted a Usability Test on existing Scorecard to recognize users challenges with the tool and to identify what elements they prefer.

Next I conducted user research with Channel Account Managers and Channel Partners to understand how they think, what they want, what they need, and how it is easiest for them to access that information.


Since Channel Partners and Channel Account Managers are located around North America, we conducted usability tests remotely using Google Hangouts. To review the tests at a later point we screen-recorded with the permission of the user.



Here is an example of usability findings annotated on a screenshot of the tool.

1) Users were unable to identify with the terminology used across the tool.
2) Partners were unable to easily find account details or which programs they were participating in.
3) The first page after login presented users with information they were not interested in.
4) Users were unable to locate the details of the information shown on the homepage.

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Based on the research findings, I created wireframes from the new tool presenting the information users wanted in an easy-to-access format.

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After creating the wireframes based on the preliminary research, I conducted two more rounds of testing. One set of tests was Value Testing the wireframes to gauge how valuable and useful the new application would be for the target users. All of the participants indicated that this would be valuable.

The next tests I ran were Comparative Usability Tests between the old scorecard and the new scorecard design. This was to determine if the new design did address the challenges with the old one to create an easy-to-use application.


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Partner Points

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Partner Revenue Goals

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Partner Points

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