Role: UX Lead & Product Manager


1) Partners want to receive more leads from Motorola Solutions
2) End-customers have difficulty learning about our solutions and selecting the appropriate products to serve their needs


The objective was to create a tool to increase sales in the absence of e-commerce. Through research, I was able to identify the challenges that both partners and end-customers had with our website. I conceptualized this idea of creating a Solution Finder that worked similar to a car configurator.


Initially, I had very limited access to users to conduct research. In the absence of end-users, I spoke with Subject Matter Experts and Partners.

Based off that research, I came up with an e-commerce style proposal. Through usability testing and validity testing with internal users and Partners, I determined that a traditional e-commerce experience would not be viable as our products and solutions are incredibly complex to be simply purchased online.

I then conducted a comparative analysis on websites that also sell complex products and solutions to understand how they educate their end-customers.

That research resulted in an initial wireframe that evolved through quick user tests with internal employees and Partners. See the multiple versions in the below link.

SF- Usability Results  .jpg
SF- Usability Results .jpg

SF- Usability Results   (1).jpg
SF- Usability Results (1).jpg

SF- Usability Results   (3).jpg
SF- Usability Results (3).jpg

SF- Usability Results  .jpg
SF- Usability Results .jpg


We conducted Usability Tests with 5 Internal Motorolans, 5 Channel Partners, and 5 potential end-users. Some of the results from that can be seen above. Please reach out to learn more about how I create UX analytic plans measuring for success/fail.


Working with a Visual Designer, we were able to convert my prototype into hi-fi mocks.

Solution Finder Final Mock.jpg